Sonic Foundry XFX1

Sonic Foundry XFX1

Sonic Foundry XFX1 is software to produce a variety of sound effects
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If you are a true sound effects fan and want to play around with the songs you are listening to in Windows then this plug-in software is a must for you.
Sonic Foundry XFX1 is software with the help of which you are able to produce a variety of sound effects. The program consists of six DirectX plug-ins -Chorus, Multi Tap Delay, Pitch shift, Reverb, Simple Delay/Echo, and Time Compress/Expand.

The Reverb gives you the chance to simulate various acoustical spaces. You can choose out of 19 reverb types.

The Multi Tap Delay enables you to set complex echo patterns and create different chorusing effects. You have the option also to create up to 8 tapes and to change their amplitude and delay times.

With Pitch-Shift you are capable of changing time without the need of changing the pitch and vice-versa. Each time you make changes to your audio, you can preview the results before applying them.

Using the Time Compression/Expansion tool, you have the option to compress up to 50 % and expand it to up to 500 %.

Sonic Foundry XFX1 (now owned by Sony Creative Software) has ultimate compatibility. It can be installed seamlessly in any program that supports DirectX plug-ins.

This software is very cost effective. Not only does it saves time when previewing and processing the results, but also replaces software that costs hundreds of dollars at a very low cost -only $34.95.

It is good quality software with plenty of useful features.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Cost-effective, saves development


  • Not free, although not expensive
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